Landmaps offers a digital mapping service tailored to suit your business.

We use the latest GPS technology to collect data where necessary, and can combine this with Ordnance Survey data and digital photos using advanced GIS software. The digital maps can be used for a variety of purposes, such as for inclusion with planning or funding applications, or for day to day work management.

The maps can be provided on paper, laminated or as a digital file or delivered online vis a secure weblink.  Online maps are ideal for IACS mapping and what if calculations they also provide a field record keeping function.

Renewables development

  • Maps for planning applications
  • Calculating volume of borrow pits
  • Detailed survey of turbine bases, drainage and roads
  • Landowners / farmers

  • Planning applications for wind turbines or hydro schemes
  • Updating IACs maps or checking areas
  • Property sales and land registration
  • Event managers

  • Event planning and management
  • Golf course managers

  • Course maps for management and planning
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